This typeface looks good on the Web! Check out CK Holter's page ( for an example of a) good design b) good photography and c) good use of my typeface! NOTE: if you do use my font on your site, please mention me somewhere and/or link to my site ( would appreciate it.


This is the updated version of my very first typeface. I corrected path directions on a couple of characters and also fixed the "apple" character so it was more recognizable yet still quirky. The font itself is a monoline font and reminds me of Art Deco stylings, thus the name A.D. MONO. (If it means something else to you, hey, that's great.). I tried to make it as complete as possible, but if there are any characters you need that arenÕt present, let me know. Enjoy!

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This started as a class assignment in Alastair JohnstonÕs Typography class at UC Berkeley Extension (highly recommended). He asked us to design an experimental alphabet and we all designed typefaces. So we all redid the assignment but I liked mine enough to bite the bullet and actually purchase a copy of Fontographer (highly recommended) 4.0 and make it real. It's taken me a couple of months but I think its worth it. I may do a more complete version in the future with italic and bold versions...Maybe Ill do up my experimental alphabet and then maybe my several other typeface designs and then Ill start my own web page and then my own company and OH the excitement. Anyway, I had fun.

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This font is "tear-ware," that is, if you use it in a publication, please send me a tear sheet so I can see what we look like in print. (Wow, Matt, a whole font for just 32¢! What a guy!). Note - tear sheet means a sample of the finished piece the font was used in, not a printed character set. I have one of those. SO, If you have any questions or concerns, email me at my address below. Unfortunately, I am not responsible for any damages, consequential or otherwise, that occur as a result of the use of this font. Please feel free to redistribute this font as often as you want, provided that it is accompanied by an unaltered copy of this README. The font "A.D. MONO-regular" is © 1995 Matt Denton and denton designs .


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